More visibility, more trust

Spacebnb is completely free for anyone to sell, buy, let, rent, share or exchange properties and accommodation; post jobs; and receive quotations from verified property experts and tradesmen. However, we not a classified free listing services. We verify and curate companies, tradesmen and services to ensure that property buyers and tenants are dealing with a trusted agency or private landlord, and homeowners are hiring the right property service or tradesmen with confidence.

Getting verified is not just about paying the yearly membership. We evaluate each completed profile before we ask them to make payment and display the verified badge .

Standard - Free
  • Verified company £ 49 per year
  • Verified private landlord, host,
    tradesman or a sole trader £ 39 per year

Properties & Jobs

Newly listed property and job adverts are instantly activated and featured in the front page without being reviewed by the admin. When you edit your adverts they get bumped up and featured again in the first page.
Upload as many photos to showcase your properties - including the floor plan and EPC certificate 7 photos
Upload as many photos to describe your job 3 photos

Business Profile

Your business profile is featured and listed above non-verified members in relevant category searches in spacebnb property services directory.

Your property services will be always featured in your selected category.

Your properties and job listings will be highlighted as a trusted service with the verified badge.

Upload up as many photos of your company, recent projects, team at work, office, accreditation, etc. 7 photos

Job Quotes

Send job quotes directly to those who choose to receive quotes from verified services and companies only. Being verified means homeowners are dealing with a trusted and trading companies.
Only verified members can send direct messages other spacebnb members.