Premium ensuite to let in student accommodation court in Coventry £ 800 per month - Coventry 

I am currently looking to replace myself here at Unite Students Callice Court Coventry for personal reasons. The room here is very nice and the facilities provided are perfect for the university lifestyle.

The neighbour's are also very considerate and wont be causing any problems via loud music or too much noise. The walls do a good job of blocking out most of the noise anyway.

The accommodation is a very short walk from all useful locations, the main one being the university itself as this is simply a 5 minute walk at max.

I am currently sharing this accommodation with 4 other people however there is an en-suite bathroom so the only thing that is really shared between them is the kitchen.

There is also a common room which is open for anyone's use and is open all hours of the day along with a laundry room next door.

Date available 20/09/2018

Added by Sam


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