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Spacebnb is an online  property  and accommodation marketplace where you can sell, buy, rent, let, share and exchange  all types of properties and accommodation - both residential and commercial.

Spacebnb is NOT just another pop up online estate agency that charges you for listing your adverts in RightMove and Zoopla. 

The online property  and accommodation marketplace helps you find or advertise: 

  1. Houses, from modern homes  to cabins
  2. Flats, studios and maisonettes
  3. Residential land
  4. Hotel, hostel or BnB  accommodation
  5. Flats  or  house share
  6. Home stay, hosting and lodging
  7. Vacant property guardians
  8. Virtual offices or addresses
  9. Serviced office space
  10. Private or shared offices
  11. Retail or promotional pop-up space
  12. Parking space or driveway
  13. Advertising or video/photography space
  14. Retail premises
  15. Leisure venues
  16. Industrial, logistics or  storage space
  17. Commercial land.

Spacebnb also helps you list or  find recommended:

  • Tenant referencing services
  • Deposit protection services
  • Removals services 
  • Cleaning services
  • Estimating and surveying services.
  • Architecture and town planning services
  • Maintenance services
  • Property security services
  • Property marketing services
  • Interior design services
  • Conveyancing services

Spacebnb is free.

All you need is a verified email address and a completed profile. 

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