About spacebnb

Spacebnb is a UK free property and accommodation marketplace where you can list and request all types of spaces - residential and commercial:

Tradesmen, agencies and companies providing property services can use spacebnb to get their services rated and recommended .

As for homeowners who looking to find the right tradesmen for the right quote, they can post they jobs for free and receive free quotations.

Our aim is to make the website as easy as possible and responsive in small, medium and large screens.

We don't sell or let properties, but we help private landlords, agencies and hosts save money by letting and selling their properties themselves. We help you advertise your property and find the verified and trusted property services you will need to to sell or let your property - including property maintence,cleaning and marketing services.

We don't charge a single penny for advertising your property and all you need is a completed profile and verified email address if you are a company.