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Complete your advert

First you need to give an accurate and descriptive title to your advert without using any caps.

Most key details of required or available property, such as property type, room types and number, bed types and number, space, share type, what's included in price or bills, house rules, tenure, EPC rating, tax band, host preferences and guest preferences are automatically added when you don't see any "required" alerts at the top of the submission form.

Other details such as the area, commuter connections, shopping, schools, universities, public services, regeneration projects, outdoors, restaurants, cafes, bars, places of worship, healthcare, heath clubs, entertainment, nightlife venues, food stores, parks, recreation, history, and the types of person the property is ideal for - should be added to the description.

Floor Plan

Pictures of your property are not enough to make potential buyers decide if it's the right place for them. Floor plan helps them visualise the layout, size of rooms and available space.

Almost the third of potential buyers or tenants won't show any interest if you don't add the floor plan of your property.


Photos of your property have to be professionally taken in a landscape mode and from a corner or above.

Include one picture for each room, bathroom and kitchen. Using the right equipment to take panoramic and bird-view shots can add more value to your property.


Marketing large properties with many rooms, spaces, unusual features and distinctive attributes can be challenging to showcase using only pictures and floor plans. Adding a short video to your advert allows potential buyers and tenants to virtually view your property in its best light and get to see all the special features you cannot possibly convey using pictures and floor plans.

Photography & Video tour services

If you are looking to feature your property in its best and appealing light, our specialists can help get your property beautifully and professionally photographed. If you need a 360 property video external and internal tour, we use the latest drones and a GoPro camera to craft an elegant and cinematic short video ( less than 4 mins).

Enhanced listing

If you are selling or renting an exceptional, exclusive property that needs nationwide exposure, we offer an enhanced marketing campaign to make sure your listing reaches your target potential buyers or tenants.

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