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For any listed or requested residential property or accommodation, you can specify the number of:

  • Single bedrooms
  • Double bedrooms
  • Triple rooms
  • En suites
  • Receptions
  • Living rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens or kitchenettes.

Commercial premises

For any listed or requested business spaces - apart from virtual addresses - you can add the number of offices, receptions, units of any size, bathrooms or toilets, the number of meeting rooms and kitchens or kitchenettes .

You can also add whether your commercial property has self-contained accommodation or if it's a shared works pace, serviced office or a commercial unit.

 As for hotels, they can add the number of penthouses and villas.

Outer space

As for outer space,you can specify if there is a  :

  • Roof terrace
  • Patio
  • Private garden
  • Shared garden
  • Balcony

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Just thought kitchen and kitchenette should be separate and may be bathroom and just a toilet should be separate as well!

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